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Upgrading the review game.

Location accurate Revids by the users for the users.


video reviews

So you can see visual content from different perspectives. We say, a video is worth a million words, and a few thousand images. 

that are really real

trustworthy and genuine

Revid got your back by providing reviews generated only by users, and backed by their life-time reputation.

avoid any surprises

be there without being there

No more surprises. What if we tell you do not have to choose before you really saw it? First see, then choose!

and it's always a match!

location accurate

Revamping the game by adding location-dependent reviews. This means no review without being there. We always match* your location before letting you review

Let's put an end to influenced reviews.

*If you are finding hard to get a match, join us ;)

by a community of

users for users

Help others make informed decisions.

Inspire and get inspired.

Behind every review, there is a personal story. Join fellow travelers, share your experiences, help others make better choices.  Be assured, you are also assisting the service providers to get better.

oh and you can also use our

unique rewards system

With each revid you leave we reward you with a Revid Token. Upon collection you may exchange your tokens to pay for your next stay or meal. It’s all about travel. Step up your points game.

Psst ... the more reviews you submit the more tokens you will earn.

it's your turn to move

share a video, not a million words

Better be safe than sorry they say. Join us and share a video, not a million words. Fight inaccuracy and rely on your own eyes.

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