Transforming traditional reviews.
Introducing Revid.

Revid is changing the way online reviews work by introducing user generated videos as an alternative to traditional photo and text reviews. We believe video reviews are more valuable and accurate in helping quality decision making about places we go.

The Problem

Traditional online reviews are censored, time-consuming, and misleading. 

Time Consuming

To read, evaluate, understand

Subjective opinions prevail

No shortcuts

Limited Results

Coverage through text and image only

Results often different than the review

Visual imagination is hindered

Fake & Centralized

Fake reviews are a major concern

Reviews can be easily influenced

Reviews are made off-location


To get the real picture

To get video reviews with ease

Our Solution

A mobile & video first user-generated review app

We believe in the future of video. We spend more time on our phones watching video content than ever before. Revid comes mobile first featuring all-screen video experience.


of total mobile traffic will be video by 2021 1


mobile-connected devices by 2021 1


draw travel inspiration from videos 2


of consumers read reviews before a purchase 3

1 Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2016–2021 White Paper
2 Digital Travel Research Journey (Facebook)
3 Bryan Caplan

Don't read. Watch.

A video is worth a million words. We rather show visual content from different perspectives instead of plain text. We also include information for those who rely on ratings and written reviews.


Videos made by people for people. Browse quickly through video reviews for any location you'd like to see more.

It's all screen

We move as everyone moves. People are used to consume their videos vertically. We bring all-screen videos and reviews together.

Fight fake reviews

Revids are only added when user's location is matched with the review location. This means no review without actually being there. In addition our smart trust-score indicates how trustworthy a user's revids are.

Unique ecosystem

A token system used to incentivize users to submit more revids which later can be exchanged or redeemed. Users also receive a portion of our commission in exchange of our token. Blockchain as the base for all our transactions provides a healthy ecosystem.

Build a community

Revid is not only a place to discover real video reviews but to also meet and network with other travelers. Inspire and get inspired by following others and find out new interesting spots to visit.

Different Industries

We focus on lodging (including hotels, apartments, and bnb's) reviews now, the app will expand it's categories to cover other industries too.



$693 bn

global online travel market



global online travel market

by 2020

Source: Statista, 2018


455 million

monthly active users

173 million

monthly active users

Based on companies' most recent Q reports

Business Model


Monthly revenue per user

*based on average of competitive companies MRPU

Traffic Monetization through ad network

Commission on each booked trip

Competitive Advantages

1st to market

mobile and video only

Video Content


Ease of Use

UX/UI known to users

Social Aspect

connects travelers

Customer Acquisition Strategy






  • Seed Investment $60K

    Feb 2018
  • iOS app beta release

    Dec 2018
  • iOS app release to market

    Feb 2019
  • Funding

    Q2 2019
  • General Availability

    Q3 2019
  • Add "Restaurants/Food" as new review location

    Q4 2019
  • Own ad network

    Q1 2020
  • Own booking system

    Q2 2020
  • Blockchain and rewards system

    Q3 2020
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